Leadership Storytelling

What are the challenges we may face communicating across different cultures, langauges and work styles?

Course description:

Studies have proved that your audience’s retention of what you tell them increases by up to 22 times more if you tell them in a storytelling format versus simply stating facts. In this program you will explore.

  • Significance of storytelling in human communication
  • Emotional connection we build through storytelling
  • Explore different types of storytelling: Oral, Visual and Verbal
  • Why storytelling is such an effective tool for a leader (engaging multi parts of the brain, making content more relatable, memorable and easy to understand)
  • Plot development-developing engaging story arcs
  • Authentic writing-use your own voice
  • Thematic exploration-find what works for You
  • Learn about “out-of-sights”-that can radically alter your listeners perspective