Leadership Presence

Can you step into any role or circumstance and guide your team to success?

What does Executive Presence look and sound like?

Why do some people exude a level of confidence, and sense of having every right to have a seat at the table; while others don’t make any impact at all? In this course we will explore the fundamentals that help you elevate your executive presence and Empower your Style of communication to a multinational audience. You will participate in a number of modules, including several recordings, to help you build your self-awareness, and help you understand how others see you.

  • Exploring the key components of leadership presence: Confidence, Communication, Connection and Culture.
  • Importance of self-awareness in leadership presence.
  • Techniques for self-assessment and reflection.
  • Recognizing personal strengths and areas for growth.
  • Verbal and nonverbal communication techniques for leaders.
  • Navigating remote, virtual, and in-person leadership dynamics.
  • Understand the impact of Cultural diversity when you communicate.
  • Effective listening skills to foster understanding, trust and collaboration across multiple cultures.