Helping you become a better version of yourself – that is my commitment to you!

Increasing your IMPACT by helping you find focus on what needs to be said or done.
EMPOWER you to be true and honest with yourself-in order to influence those who you interact with.

In an increasingly globalized world, I have been through many of the same challenges you may be facing today.

Having moved internationally 15 times, between eight different countries on three continents, I can truly understand your challenges leading and communicating in a multinational setting.

With a background in the hospitality industry, I’ve always understood that little more, and a little better service, is what will set you up for success. This is the mindset that I have always carried with me in my career. While my coaching really took off when I joined one of the world’s leading communication development companies over 10 years ago-I’ve always had a deep sense of wanting to help others become better versions of themselves.

Having spent thousands of hours coaching senior executives as well as individual contributors from many of the most admired and recognized multinationals around the globe, I’ll utilize my experience to help you find your voice-be heard!

What you won’t find working with ImpactEmpower, are any of the fancy certification programs, color coordinated, graphs, boxes, dots and so on, that try to help you identify such and such type of person or leader; we keep it much simpler. We use practical, hands-on, interactive coaching to help you identify the best version of yourself. Finding out how you can maximize your IMPACT as a leader and EMPOWER you with the skills and know-how to succeed. Isn’t that better?

Peter by the numbers…

Ivy League educated-Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, with a concentration in Human Resources
MBA from Texas A&M-Commerce, with a focus in Marketing
Beta Gamma Sigma member
Globe Smart certified
Father & Husband
Football fan & and all things James Bond